Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCK), Acquires $6.4mm ShareRails, Inc. – $1.7 million in Sales, 300% Growth

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Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCK), Acquires $6.4mm ShareRails, Inc. – $1.7 million in Sales, 300% Growth

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See the Full Press Release and other stories on Grey Cloak Tech on here.

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCK), today announces that it has completed its acquisition of ShareRails, a provider of online-to-offline (O2O) e-commerce services, which is valued at more than $6.4 million by Excel Management Systems.

ShareRails, Inc. provides a unique, interactive mobile platform that connects shoppers and retailers by transforming local retailers’ inventory data into rich digital content indexed by Google and other search engines. Grey Cloak Tech’s acquisition of ShareRails provides valuable synergies that will expand the platform’s reach into the social commerce and retail marketing industries.

Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) TomorrowVentures, former lead incubator Joseph Nejman, is the Founder and Director of ShareRails, Inc., and will also serve as the President and Board Member of Grey Gloak, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCK).

Nejman stated “The acquisition of Sharerails by Grey Cloak Tech will allow us to accelerate our business model. We have been looking for this opportunity for a long time, and now the opportunity is at hand. Grey Cloak Tech brings a deep knowledge of enterprise software solutions that works seamlessly with our proprietary shopping applications. By combining both systems, it provides the end user with a one-stop-shop solution. This is only the beginning of a long and successful relationship.”

About Grey Cloak Tech and ShareRails

The ShareRails Online to Offline Platform (O2O) levels the digital playing field between e-commerce stores and brick-and-mortar stores by transforming local retailers’ inventory data into rich digital content that is then indexed by Google and other search engines. ShareRails’ platform attracts prospective customers via online channels to physical stores where they can pick up their items. This serves the “instant gratification” mentality of today’s consumer. Using Internet marketing, social media and email marketing, ShareRails makes it easy for brick-and-mortar stores to become visible to millions more online shoppers.

The ShareRails O2O cloud platform offers retail merchants inventory management, curation and promotion features that can:

Make Products Discoverable – In-stock products and promotions are instantly searchable online. Additionally, ShareRails creates digital product catalogs that enhance mall and merchant websites.
Drive Foot Traffic – Products appear in local search and social media results. Search results drive customers to brick-and-mortar stores by showing store directions, hours and product details.
Boost Customer Experience – The ability to have a continuous brand experience across devices ensures customers receive a personalized touch, both in-store and online.
In addition to the O2O e-commerce services provided by ShareRails, Grey Cloak offers industry-leading secure digital marketing, and click-fraud detection software. Click fraud, or bot fraud, cost unsuspecting advertisers approximately $18.5 billion in 2015.

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